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Universal Wealth Preservation - progress with civil proceedings

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Universal Wealth Preservation - the ongoing investigation

I have previously reported on the on-going criminal investigation into Mr Steven Long and his Suffolk-based business brand, Universal Wealth Preservation. With that investigation unlikely to conclude swiftly, there is concurrently progress in the civil proceedings against Mr Long.

Former clients of Mr Long and Universal Wealth Preservation have issued proceedings in an attempt to locate their assets and establish any loss to their estates. Mr Long has not been forthcoming in providing such information and, so, just before Christmas, the High Court of Justice considered whether Mr Long should be committed to prison for his failure to provide this information to claimants.

After careful consideration, Mrs Justice Rose imposed a sentence of eight months’ imprisonment upon Mr Long, stating that he had failed to take proper steps to provide any useful details that would enable claimants to recover the funds that they had entrusted in Mr Long. Perhaps a contributory factor, Justice Rose described Mr Long as showing “no genuine remorse” and that he “expresses no real contrition.” These are very concerning words when there is an estimated £25 million missing.

Uncertainty over life-savings is not something anyone should have to consider; it is important to note that action can be taken – the sooner, the better. If you or anyone you know, has had issues with Mr Long and Universal Wealth Preservation, please contact Thomas Lee on 01206 217618 or to discuss the best options to suit you.