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To DIY or not to DIY? We are talking wills.

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I was shocked to read a news article recently which said that there is a website that promises to write a will in just nine minutes for £20! Sounds like a great deal! However, hidden in the website’s terms and conditions is a clause that says that the website’s parent company will be appointed as an executor of a person’s estate if they use the website to make their will. This would be instead of trusted friends and family. 
Whilst in certain circumstances it is appropriate to appoint professional executors in your will, the website’s actions have been described by The Society of Will Writers as ‘very misleading’ and I completely agree. DIY wills can be deemed as invalid in the courts if you do not get your will properly drafted. Whilst it is advertised as £20 for the will, it could end up costing your family or loved ones a lot more in court fees if the will is disputed.
My advice is to be extremely cautious of DIY wills, whether made online or even by will writing companies. Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. There is no watchdog for will writers. Making a will with a qualified lawyer can bring the risks of your will being disputed down to a minimum.
If you would like to discuss making a will, or updating an existing one, please contact one of our wills, trusts and probate specialists. I am based at our Chelmsford office and can be contacted on 01245 453864 or