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The quicker we act, the better!

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We have recently received enquiries relating to Universal Wealth Preservation, who are trust and estate planners. Over the past decade, they or their directors have become trustees for many individuals’ estates. They had offered to handle individuals’ estates, claiming that they could ensure that their clients would not lose their property and assets to pay for care fees and could avoid being subjected to inheritance tax.

The ‘Universal’ brand, often trading as Universal Wealth Preservation, has had many names and you may recognise any of the following: Universal Trustees LLP; Universal Asset Protection Ltd; Universal Trust and Estate Practitioners Limited; Universal Trustee Management Limited; Universal Trustee Services Limited. What they also have in common is that they were or are directed by Mr Steven Long, who is currently under investigation by Suffolk Police for fraud. The outcome of that investigation is pending, but STEP, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, has suspended his membership. STEP found Mr Long to have breached its Code of Professional Conduct in respect of integrity, honesty and handling of client property – amongst others.

Universal and Mr Long are currently uncontactable and this is understandably causing a great deal of concern for their clients, since they still retain their position as trustees of individuals’ assets and property. In the worst case scenarios, some may have uncertainty as to their life savings; however we can assist in taking action against Universal and Mr Long – the quicker we act, the better.

The exact solution will depend on your circumstances and Birkett Long can offer options and solutions to suit you. If you have any queries or concerns about Universal and Mr Long, please contact us. I am based at our Colchester office and can be reached on 01206 217618 or