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Solicitors - not as expensive as you think?

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Many people automatically think that it can cost a lot to see a solicitor, and that the ‘clock starts ticking’ as soon as you start talking to one. That just isn’t the case! We provide a fixed fee wherever we can, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying. For example, the cost of our basic will is the equivalent to:

  • 8 takeaways
  • 5 months’ gym membership
  • 20 packets of cigarettes
  • 50 early morning coffees with a Danish
  • 20 bottles of Prosecco

We’re all guilty of overindulging (especially around the holidays!) and buying things that aren’t really good for us. Make a New Year’s resolution to arrange, or review, your will – not only to look after your physical health but also your financial health. Your will, made easy. Click here to enquire about making a will - we make the process simple.

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