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Providing for your pet's future, without you.

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This week’s topic in the Law Society’s @solicitorhour discussion on Twitter, was including your pets in your will; an issue which we deal with regularly. If you would like to see all the questions and answers they can be accessed here:

In brief, it is not possible to leave your estate or part of it to a pet but it is possible for a pet to be provided for in other ways. The most straightforward way would be for your pet to be gifted under your will to a person or charity that you trust to care for them, and this gift can be accompanied by a financial gift to assist with the cost of care or as a thank you. In some circumstances it may be more appropriate to prepare a trust for the benefit of pets but this would need careful consideration due practical administration and tax implications.

While treated as ‘possessions’ in law, pets are often considered members of the family and future planning for them can therefore be important.

If you would like to discuss how to provide for your pet in your will, please contact a member of our specialist Wills, Trust and Probate team who will be able to assist you. I can be contacted on 01245 453833 or