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OPG warning on online LPA scams

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I am aware that the Government is encouraging people to prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney (Financial and Health and Welfare) on line. Rather worryingly however is the possible existence of misleading sites which offer to help you fill in these complex forms, only to find  they charge extortionate fees for doing so. There are many websites offering to help with such things but they are not always as genuine as they may seem.

It is also very easy to get these forms wrong and for them to be rejected by the Office of the Public Guardian which can lead to huge delay or to the form being rejected outright and a second fee for registration of the form being required.

Powers of Attorney are really important documents, we should all have them in place for the future but they need to be done properly to avoid any difficulties. If done by a solicitor then we can also act as ‘Certificate Provider’: the person who certifies that you have mental capacity at the time of signing the Lasting Power of Attorney.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are a bit like an insurance policy: You hope you’ll never need them but if you do, then they are there in place ready to be used.

I would  advise anyone thinking of having a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Living Will to have them done professionally through a solicitor who is used to drafting these documents and does so on a daily basis.

Don’t get caught out by scam web sites!