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Meghan and Harry - happily ever after

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Did you know that marriage revokes a will?  Not a lot of people know that (to coin Peter Sellers’ impression of Michael Cain).

Whilst a marriage, such as Meghan and HRH Prince Harry’s at the weekend, can bring lots of joy, it can sometimes end with disastrous consequences, particularly if it is a second marriage, or there are significant assets and there is an unexpected death of one party. 

My advice for all those about to start on a lifetime adventure with the love of their life is to make a special will or codicil which is not revoked on the impending marriage. This is called a will or codicil in contemplation or expectation of marriage. You can do this sometime before the wedding so there is one less thing to tick off when you get back from honeymoon.

If you are thinking about entering into a marriage and have not yet started planning for your future after the big event, then call one of our wills experts on 01245 453835 or alternatively you can email me at