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Lifetime cap on care costs

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Lifetime cap on care costs

At last some good news. Drum roll please …  

The Government has confirmed that it will incorporate a lifetime cap on care costs as was recommended in a report by Andrew Dilnot in 2011.  

What does a lifetime cap on care costs mean?

In a nutshell, currently if an individual has assets or savings over £23,250 (excluding a jointly owned home in which a spouse/partner lives) then that person will be required to pay in full for their care. 

The exception to this rule is that if the care needed is mainly nursing care then the NHS covers the full cost and savings and assets are not taken into account.  

This means that many people with Dementia or diseases such as Motor Neuron Disease pay in full for their care. As such 1 in 10 people face care costs of over £100,000.  

However, the lifetime cap proposal means that the Government will put in place a lifetime cap on the care costs that an individual pays. It is thought that this may be set at £46,000.  

Of course, we do not know how this will be set but anything is better than the current system.

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