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A cunning ploy?

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As you will have read in many recent articles and blogs, it is highly likely that the probate fee will increase substantially very soon. You may recall a couple of years ago that the proposed fees to deal with a person’s estate (to obtain a grant of representation or probate) were going to be increased to £20,000 from a mere £155. There was public and press outrage which resulted in the increase not proceeding.

However, this was put on the back burner rather than abandoned. It has now been announced and approved that the fees will increase up to a maximum of £6,000 from April. It seems to me that a huge ‘pie in the sky’ figure was announced 2 years ago as a cunning ploy to pave the way for this substantial increase, so that it makes it seem like it could have been worse. 

My view is that this increase is still another form of tax on a deceased person’s estate because the new charges have no bearing on the cost of obtaining a grant of probate. This form of disguised tax is unfair but, however unfair I feel it is, it seems it will become a reality very soon.

At Birkett Long, we have a team of wills, trusts and probate specialists that would like to help you before the new price increase comes in.  If you need to deal with an estate and obtain a grant of representation, please contact us as soon as possible.

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