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Trainee moves

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It’s that time of year again! There you are all settled in, well into your seat, and you’re then on the move to your new department.

For those of you who don’t know, trainee solicitors move seats, i.e. departments, in line with their training contract every six months. This means that we get the experience of being in four different departments during our two year training contract.

I have recently (on 1 September), moved from the Family Team to the Commercial Litigation Team. On 1 March (the second date for the seat changes) I’ll be on the move again to a new department.

Whilst it does appear to be a lot of moving around, I have found it really useful to see in practice how each area of Law works and to expand on my legal knowledge and skills developed throughout my studies. Further, it will help me decide where my permanent seat will be, when the day for qualifying arrives (which must be said, does seem to be coming round very quickly!).