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The new NFU President

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Recently, at the NFU Conference 2018 the popular Minette Batters was elected as the first female president in the NFU’s 109-year history. The result had broad support from the farming community and is a significant milestone for the union, Ms Batters, a Wiltshire beef farmer who has diversified into weddings, corporate events and catering, has already served in a number of positions within the NFU and has a considerable media profile. She will no doubt be a powerful advocate for agriculture at this challenging time. Her opponent, Essex farmer Guy Smith, was elected Deputy President. 

During her election campaign, Ms Batters outlined her four priority areas for the farming industry: 

  • A dynamic and growing farmer and grower membership, allowing the union to support differing sectorial demands that help achieve successful, profitable businesses.
  • Supply chain, consumer, environmental, educational and skills campaigns to “empower a new era of activist campaigners, and build new alliances that reposition where food and farming sits in the eyes of the nation”. 
  • UK “fair trade”: Strengthening farmers’ routes to market, defining procurement rules and ensuring fair returns from transparent supple chains. 
  • Trade, labour, regulation and agriculture policy – and an urgent need for a British agriculture trade policy manifesto, as “trade will shape our landscape for decades”. 

She will now be responsible for leading her colleagues through one of the most turbulent times for British agriculture since the end of the Second World War. 

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