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Farming - renewable energy and crypto mining

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Farming - renewable energy and crypto mining

This week, Birkett Long’s Head of Environment and Energy, David Rayner, spoke at a webinar to many farming families around Essex about renewable energy and other climate change-related opportunities that they might like to consider. 

Cow manure electricity generation!

A hi-tech crypto mining business based in Bury has found a way of dramatically reducing its energy bills. The business, Easy Crypto Hunter had found, like all similar companies, that it consumes enormous amounts of power because it needs to run its computers all of the time. The solution they have come up with is to use cow manure to create energy through the process known as anaerobic digestion. This powers electricity generators by methane from the manure. 

David commented: “Many farmers have diversified and generate renewable energy by various sources – such as solar PV, wind turbines and anaerobic digestion. They use that energy for the farm and sell any surplus to the National Grid. However, according to the person who heads Easy Crypto Hunter, farmers can earn more income by running a crypto mining machine in one of their farm buildings. 

“It may seem like a bit of fun, but there is a very serious point to be made here. The cryptocurrency business has significant energy consumption. At a time when we all need to think about our carbon footprint, renewable energy sources are a great way to help do that. Reducing your carbon footprint and avoiding putting your foot in a cow pat, seems like a great way forward!”

If you would like to explore the diversification opportunities for your agricultural business, particularly in the environment and energy space, contact David Rayner on 01245 453826 or via


For any farmers or rural families who would like to receive a recording of the webinar about succession planning and diversification, please contact Katie Robertson, on 01206 217334 or via