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Dale Farm - where will they go?

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It appears that the long running battle between residents of Dale Farm and Basildon District Council is finally nearing a conclusion of sorts with bailiffs poised to move in to evict the unlawful occupiers.

With the eviction currently anticipated to commence on Monday 19 September, it is the question of where they will go that is probably of the greatest concern to local landowners. Landowners would be well advised to take whatever steps they can to protect their land from unlawful entry.

If you are unfortunate enough to find that travellers have set up camp on your land then do not despair, we can help you to evict them. Sometimes it is possible for this to be achieved very quickly, with the assistance of Certificated Bailiffs and without the need to go to court. If you are unlucky enough to find that you have unwanted guests I would be pleased to assist.