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Cost of care for the elderly

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The news today that government-funded care is being scaled back may come as no surprise in these straightened times but it is a worrying trend for older people, their carers and loved ones.

In fact it affects us all. It is the case that Councils simply do not have an endless pot of money to fund the care needs for our ageing population. The Government is unwilling or uncertain how to tackle the situation and this is leading to many vulnerable older people being left without proper support. So what to do about it? 

The reality of the situation is that we all need to try to plan for our future as financial support for our older generation becomes more limited and is reducing. But there are actions people can take to address the problem and to plan for the future, so as to make sure that we don’t end up simply using all our hard earned savings to pay for our own care. We advise regularly on the issue of funding and the cost of both current and future care.