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Olympic Questions Answered

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With less than 100 days to go I thought it was about time there were some clear answers to the questions which are getting increased coverage in the media:

Should we be excited about the Olympics?

Yes. Even though most of us didn’t manage to get tickets and anyone commuting in or around London seems to be terrified of the prospect, it will be exciting to host the Games and to have the eyes of the World on London and the UK.

Will they really benefit the UK?

Speaking to people and businesses in Essex, it is hard to see how they won’t benefit this region. Provided we are willing to work round any logistical difficulties created by road closures or other disruption to transport, the Games represent a huge opportunity. Further afield, I can understand why people may be a bit more sceptical, I think areas further from London will benefit from the Games, albeit to a far smaller extent.

Will it leave a legacy?

We’ll certainly be left with quality sporting facilities and an interesting looking tower. Young people are likely to be inspired to take up sports they may not have considered, at least in the short term.

Are we getting value for money?

Despite being a fan of the Games, I don’t think so. Depending on the figures you look at the costs are estimated to rise to over £20 billion. Admittedly, when we won the bid to host the Games we were in a different economic situation to the one we are in now, but if we were able to invest that £20bn into job creation for young people that’d probably be a wiser investment.

How will team GB do?

Buckle under the pressure? Rise to the occasion? The official target is to finish 4th in the medals table, I predict a 5th place finish with Australia beating us into 4th.