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New and improved client facilities

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Birkett Long recently renovated its reception and client waiting area. I am really pleased to see the results.

‘Front of house’

We now have 4 ‘small’ meeting rooms at the front of the office, where we only used to have 3, and a much better client waiting area that includes satellite TV and a refreshments machine (that serves about 6 different coffees!). I say ‘small’ because where before our front of house rooms only held a maximum of 4 people, the new rooms accommodate 5, 5, 10 and 8. We’ve also got some smart new sofas, chairs and coffee tables.

GS Contracts, who carried out the renovation for us, have manufactured a reception desk especially for us and clever use of the reception space means we have plenty of storage and an area for the photocopier hidden from view (who wants to sit in a waiting area looking at a photocopier?!)

Board rooms

Our larger meeting rooms have also been redecorated and refurnished. They feel much more Birkett Long-ish! I’m looking forward to holding our first seminar in the combined rooms in September.

Frosting on the cake

All the small rooms are glass fronted with frosted glass that’s fairly dense so as to keep client confidentiality at a maximum. The external frontage of the office has also been given a lick of paint in a new colour. The windows have been stripped of their previous promotional system (wires and boards) to be replaced with more frosting that features our logo and strap line. The window space will continue to be developed with the possibilities for using the space for advertising being explored.

This is all a vast improvement on what went before and we’ve been receiving really positive comments from staff and visitors. It’s not quite over yet, there are still a few finishing touches such as blinds and artwork to go up, but it’s safe to say the client areas now better reflect the brand and the direction in which the firm is going.

P.S. My amateur camera work really doesn’t do it justice!