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Great friendly service in plain English, whoever you are.

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On more than one occasion when writing wills and giving tax planning advice, my LBGT clients have said to me; ‘We were very nervous and thank you for being so friendly and understanding’.

I found this comment unusual, not because I am not friendly or understanding, (although, I did ask what rumours they had heard!) but I asked why they thought I would not be friendly. Unfortunately, the reply was that my clients had felt that other professionals had treated them differently because of their sexual orientation. I was very surprised by this, because as solicitors we are meant to uphold the law and not discriminate!  

Okay, I will get off my soap box now and rest assured, whether you are LGBT, LGBTQ or LGBTTQQIAAP or heterosexual, you will get great friendly service in plain English from everyone you meet at Birkett Long.

If you have any queries, we have offices in Basildon, Chelmsford, and Colchester please give us a call in Colchester on 01206 217300, Chelmsford on 01245 453800, or Basildon on 01268 244144.