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'What was the most extraordinary thing about this advert?'

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Yesterday I watched an advert on YouTube that gave me goosebumps.

Without giving too much away, the advert revolved around pairs of people who had never met before and had polar opposite views about some very specific things. They were then set a number of tasks they had to complete together before their opposing views were revealed. They were then given a choice to either stay and discuss their differences, or leave.

What I loved about this advert was the way it celebrated peoples’ differences by highlighting their similarities. This then facilitated a conversation between the pairs that was grounded in an understanding that we’re ultimately all the same. What was the most extraordinary thing about this advert? It was for beer.

We’ve seen several ads like this recently (for example this one for a TV company), and it’s amazing how creative agencies manage to hit you right in the feels for seemingly mundane, everyday products. Just think about the last few years of John Lewis adverts. By going for the viewer’s emotional triggers, the connection is far deeper – it becomes about the viewer and how they match up with the values of the company, not the product itself. This resonates with me, spending every day as I do, trying to sell the law.

The purchasing of legal advice normally falls into three camps:

  • Disaster purchase – something has gone wrong, for example a disagreement, injury or relationship breakdown
  • Pre-emptive strike – you’re looking to prevent something from happening or protect yourself against something that could happen, for example wills, terms and conditions for your business or prenuptial agreements
  • Transactional – for example buying or selling a home or business

As a rule, I would say we don’t actually sell the law; we sell the people who provide it. In most cases our clients need that personal connection with the people they deal with at Birkett Long, before they even decide to instruct us. This is especially important in more personal situations, but is equally applicable to business scenarios.

You must absolutely trust the person advising you and acting on your behalf. For this reason, most of our teams offer an initial 15 minute phone call for free – this helps us assess your situation, work out whether you actually need our advice, and it offers you the chance to get to know the lawyer that will deal with your matter if it goes ahead. There’s no obligation to take things further, even if it looks like you do need legal advice.

We can’t promise goosebumps, but hopefully you’ll connect with your lawyer sufficiently to develop the best relationship possible to deal with your situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we have offices at :

Basildon - 01268 244144

Chelmsford  - 01245 453800

Colchester -  01206 217300