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The Birkett Longshots strike again

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On Saturday, Claire ‘exPCWorlder’ Neal, Jen ‘on secondment from Handbags & Gladrags’ Skingsley, Victoria ‘catering corps’ Fenner and her partner Nev-who-actually-turned-out-to-know-a-few-things attended the Currys PCWorld quiz night. They are taking part in the Birkett Long £50 Challenge for St Helena Hospice and this night was part of their ‘100 days of fundraising’. We were one of seven teams.

As with many quizzes, this one started with a General Knowledge round. While Jen got distracted by the snacks, Claire plumbed new depths knowing the answer to the question ‘What colour were Mr Blobby’s spots?’ This was followed up quickly by a Numbers round, which included a question about cats claws that kept Claire and Vix occupied for most of the round. First round scores were read out and we discovered we were off to a flying start with 13 out of 15 – top of the table!

Less confident with the Animals round, we answered a question about the only animal that can kneel on all fours incorrectly (apparently elephants – we answered camels, but a Googling session just now has confirmed we were wrong – ‘kneeling camel’ is not something I thought I’d ever type). It later turned out one team decided ‘a bunch’ of dolphins was the correct collective noun, so perhaps our competition wasn’t the fiercest.

The fourth round we were sure was ours – Disney! Claire and Jen were in their element, while Vix glazed over and got out more snacks (including bowls she’d brought from home). Only one question had us stumped, and one we won’t ever forget the answer to – What is the Sorcerer’s name in Fantasia? Yensid (read it backwards).  A scores update showed that we were embarrassingly still first, although one poor soul’s team completely abandoned her for the bar during the Disney round, so perhaps it wasn’t a fair fight.

Rounds on TV & Films and Anagrams followed – unfortunately we thought Elvis’ middle name was a girl’s one, so went with Audrey over the correct Aaron (sorry Nev)…a Music round also threatened to destroy our lead when we were unable to identify the theme tune from Gavin & Stacey and Fort Boyard. Of the two picture rounds, the films one looked like it might see us falling down the scoreboard – we couldn’t remember Tom Hanks’ character’s name in Castaway, or the girl’s from Jumanjii. Vix ploughed through the logos round, with just the Hellman’s logo evading identification.

After another bar break, the final scores were announced. Given that we were visitors, most of us were quite embarrassed at how highly we had scored throughout…this only got worse when it became clear we had won by nearly a whole round’s worth of points. We scored 153½ versus second place with 142.  Whilst the rest of us sank into our seats, Claire started cheering and waving her arms in the air...maybe she doesn’t get out as often as we thought?

There are still lots of £50 Challenge events over the next 2 months, and we look forward to supporting as many of them as we can.