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The care system in crisis

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The care system in crisis

I read an article in the Sunday Telegraph on 13 October 2019 about the real crisis in the care system.

It informed readers that vulnerable people who have been paying for their care home but are no longer able to pay, and no longer responsible for their own care fees because their assets have dropped to below £23,250, are discovering that the local authority, in some cases, wants to move them to a cheaper care home and one which the local authority is willing to fund and has a contract with.

This is not fair when a person may have been in a care home for a long time and regards it as their forever home.

It is most unsettling to a person, particularly with dementia, to be uprooted from all that they know as familiar and suddenly find themselves having to live somewhere else.

There is an argument that such a change may well be against their Human Rights - an argument worth putting to the local authority to try to persuade them not to move your loved one.

Also, what about the fact that the spouse and other family members may have been easily able to visit on a regular basis, until the person is moved further away?

That doesn’t seem right in a country where we should value and respect our vulnerable people and have compassion for them and their family.

The other issue is, of course, that the availability of providers of care is limited and stretched. Local authorities often don’t have the funds to pay the providers more than the minimum.

This has led to overstretched resources and facilities and again, leaves people in a vulnerable situation.

It really is a situation that has reached crisis point and needs serious review. We would all like reassurance that now and in the future our care needs can, and will be, met.

We should always stand up for the vulnerable people in our society.

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