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Rule changes affecting care fees

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The Daily Mail, at the weekend, stated that pensioners have been betrayed by the government with regard paying for their future care costs. New rules were to be introduced such that those that had paid a certain amount towards their care could then expect the government to pay the rest once they had reached the limit. 

However, the small print provided that the government will only assist those who have paid £72,000 towards home based care or care home fees where their care needs are substantial or if abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur. So until such time, any payments made for care which is not substantial will not count towards the limit. This topic is a continuing time bomb and in my opinion there is no easy answer. Unless all the political parties agree a way forward and stick to it, the future problem cannot be addressed. 

I advise many clients how to protect their assets for future generations, but I do wonder how the government is going to pay for the care in the future. My view is that the government cannot afford to pay for everyone’s care and if they do they will need to find the money from elsewhere! If you would like some advice on how to protect assets, then please call me or one of the team.