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Lady Gaga wins court case accusing her of stealing images

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Lady Gaga has successfully defeated a claim against her by a French artist known as Orlan for plagiarism and infringement of image rights.

Orlan accused Lady Gaga of stealing images for use on her 2011 album Born This Way. The French artist was seeking damages of $31.7m, which equates to 7.5% of the royalties from the album, which has sold eight million copies worldwide.  Instead Orlan was ordered to pay Lady Gaga and her record label 10,000 euros each towards their legal fees.  

The main subject of the claim related to images that appeared as cover art on Lady Gaga’s 2011 album Born This Way and in a music video of the same name.  Orlan claimed that these images had been copied from or inspired by her work. The works in question were two sculptures called Bumpload (1989) and Woman with Head (1996).   

According to the French court’s ruling, an artistic installation cannot be reduced solely to its physical elements. The artist intends to appeal the decision.