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Free advice - think again!

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Like many professionals, solicitors often find themselves giving free legal advice to potential clients, generally at initial contact with individuals both during their working hours and at times away from the workplace.

In a case already decided by the High Court in January 2016, an architect found herself being held liable for a claim made by her neighbour friends, a couple who were claiming £265,000 from her in respect of free advice she had provided to them in relation to a garden landscape project. The High Court’s decision will be considered by the Court of Appeal in the coming weeks.

Whilst at the outset free advice may seem appealing and indeed obtained at no cost, it remains important to ensure that you obtain full advice which is tailored to your matter and that you do not rely solely on free advice, which at times can be general. A face to face meeting or telephone conference call at the start of your matter is probably the most cost effective way to ensure that the advice given to you is one which takes into account all the circumstances of your matter, rather than the limited information which a quick telephone call, or indeed with the increased use of social media, online response can provide.     

As for the architect involved in above case, let’s see how the landscape lies after Court of Appeal’s decision.  

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