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Brexit - UK divorcing European Union

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With the Prime Minister having officially triggered Article 50 on 29 March 2017 to commence the process of the United Kingdom divorcing the European Union, there has been some speculation as to the length of time which it shall take for there to be finality to ending this long relationship. Some experts say it will take 2 years, others says it could take as long as 6 to 7 years! The truth – well, probably somewhere in the middle. One thing is for certain, this is by no means a “quickie divorce”.

Not only does the UK and European Union need to consider bringing their 44 year old relationship to a formal end, negotiations will commence as to what deals the UK can make for itself for trading following its exit from the European Union and the level of  financial penalties and debts it will face upon its exit, with some suggesting that the divorce bill could be £52 billion.

What of the child of the UK and European Union family, Scotland? Well, now is not the time whilst its parents are locked in what is set to be the most lengthy and costly divorce process the UK has known in its history.

Fortunately, for everyday individuals wishing to bring their marriage to a legal end through the divorce process and attempting to resolve financial matters and child arrangements by way of negotiation and agreement, matters are a little more straightforward and less expensive with less of “now is not a good time” and more of “first consideration” for the children of the family.

At Birkett Long, our team of specialist family law experts can assist in a variety of areas of family law, including divorce, bringing your relationship to an end, financial settlement and child arrangements. Unlike, the UK v European Union we can assure you that  it will not take 7 years to complete or indeed cost you £52bn!