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Extra medical school places announced for 2018

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The government has recently confirmed an extra 500 medical school places in England for 2018. 

Training to become a doctor takes at least five years, and currently in the UK about 6,000 graduate each year. The British Medical Association says the plan will not address the immediate shortage of medics. 

The extra training places being provided in England will ultimately mean 7,500 home-grown doctors should be graduating each year. The students who will benefit from these new placements will take at least ten years to train and become senior doctors, so the question is, how are we going to tackle the immediate shortage of doctors in the NHS today? 

Partner at Birkett Long, Tracey Dickens comments “Extra medical school places can only ever be a good thing with so much pressure being placed on GP practices and hospitals, but will it be too late to avert the crisis that some practices are experiencing? If so, what will the interim measures be and how will they be affected by Brexit?”