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Do I need to sell my home to pay for care?

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According to new research by Just Group, one in three people over 45 believe they will have to sell their home in order to be able to afford their care fees.

Clear direction from the Government over how care is to be funded is severely lacking, with the Secretary of State postponing the publishing of the Green Paper on social care until later this year. 

While there may not be much guidance from the Government at the moment, we believe that it is important that anyone with these concerns takes legal advice. 
What can be done to mitigate care fees and prevent the likelihood that my house will be sold to afford care?
Mitigating care fees and preventing the likelihood of your home being sold to cover care costs involves taking a close look at the assets in your estate, your wills and how you hold your property. In addition, by planning early and creating lasting powers of attorney you could give your family the authority to make decisions about your finances and the type of care you need, in the event that you lose mental capacity and become unable to deal with these decisions yourself. 
If you think that you could be in the 1 in 3 then please call me for a free 15 minute chat to discuss your concerns on 01206 217 363 or alternatively you can email me at