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Employment after Covid-19: what will this look like?

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Employment after Covid-19: what will this look like?

For most, but not all, the ‘crisis’ stage of the Covid-19 pandemic is over and both business and employees are starting to reflect on what has happened and, more importantly, focus on what is to come.

When and how the lockdown will be lifted?

There is a big question mark over when and how the lockdown will be lifted for business and schools alike and what that looks like will present different challenges for individuals and businesses. Hints have been made that children will return in stages and the lockdown will lift in stages. More will be known this week, but;

  • Will working parents have to juggle returning to their workplace with continuing to care for and ‘home-school’ their children?
  • How will that work?
  • Can they make it work?
  • Will their employer be flexible enough that it can?
  • Will grandparents or other caregivers be able to help?

Will we return to the ‘traditional’ way of working?

Questions about whether we will return to the ‘traditional’ way of working. 

  • Do you remember the way we worked just over six weeks ago? Will newly adopted (or more quickly rolled out) technology change how we work and how we will do business in the future? 
  • Will large workplaces, rows of workstations and daily commutes become things of the past?

These are questions business and individuals will be musing over in the coming days and weeks. 

  • Will the current furlough scheme be extended beyond 30 June 2020 or even made more flexible?
  • How will that change impact any decisions?
  • Will there be restructures and/or redundancies?
  • Will there be an influx of flexible working requests?

There are so many unanswered and seemingly impossible questions to be answered in the coming weeks and months, but ponder them and answer them as best we can we must – as an employer and an individual - if we are all to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic stronger for it. 

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