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Who gets to keep the dog?

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Who gets to keep the dog?

Ralph is a few feet tall, has short hair, excitement of a toddler, but a build of an adult. He has kind eyes and a cheeky smile. Ralph is a beautiful Labrador also known as “Ralph”, “Doggo”, “Fur-baby” and “baby”.

Ralph has been given all the love he deserves but his parents are now separating. 

What happens to Ralph?

The above is not an unfamiliar situation. Many of us have to make decisions in relation to our beloved pets' care when we separate from our partner, but the Law does not appear to treat our fur-babies in the same way as children. 

In Law, pets are considered as personal assets (Chattels). You can check your position in Law and read more about where you stand with your Ralph on the following: Who gets custody of the pet following separation?  - Birkett Long Solicitors

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