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What makes a good divorce lawyer?

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Our divorce lawyers in Chelmsford have been discussing what they think makes a good divorce lawyer. Do you agree with what they say below?

Lisa Collins, Partner and Head of South Essex Divorce & Family team:

“A good divorce lawyer will have several qualities, including:

  • experience
  • client testimonials
  • the ability to communicate well and in a way that can be easily understood
  • transparency around fees, and,
  • they should be someone a client can trust and feel comfortable with”

Yolande Millar, a Chartered Legal Executive:

“I agree. It can be so important to ensure people feel comfortable with their lawyer, it makes for a much better working relationship. Divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotional time for those going through it. By instructing a lawyer who is able to recognise what is important to each individual, it can help put everyone at ease and make the process easier.”

Francesca Cozens, an Associate Solicitor, talks about the different accreditations that can be gained by experienced divorce lawyers:

“A good divorce lawyer will usually be a member of Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers committed to dealing with divorce and financial matters in a non-confrontational way. Some will also be accredited as specialists by Resolution, whilst other specialist divorce lawyers will be a member of the Law Society’s Family Panel. With so many lawyers to choose from nowadays it is important that people are aware which ones are specialists, as it may help them decide who to instruct.”

Yolande Millar:

“We must also not forget collaboratively trained lawyers. They can offer an alternative and constructive divorce for those wishing to adopt a slightly more forward-thinking approach.

The firm has 3 collaborative lawyers. They are trained in the collaborative approach to help those separating reach an agreement amicably.”

Lisa Collins:

“I will address the elephant in the room, fees. The divorce process does not have to be expensive. However, it is always useful to set out and explain, at the outset of a matter, the costs likely to be incurred by a client. I find having an open and transparent conversation at the start can result in a case progressing more smoothly and it ensures the client is able to budget, if required.”

Francesca Cozens:

“Agreed. As lawyers we need our clients to be upfront with us and it is only right that we are also open and transparent with them.”

Yolande Millar:

“Let’s discuss client testimonials. It is always nice to receive a testimonial from a client. It can be rewarding for the lawyer but may also assist those looking for a good divorce lawyer. Lawyers are often quick to be criticised, but client testimonials can really make the good ones stand out from the crowd.”

Lisa Collins:

“Definitely, they can be useful for both lawyers and those in need of assistance.”

There is plenty more to this discussion, so if you would like to learn more, or have you say, please do let us know. Also, if you are currently looking for a divorce lawyer, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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