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Matrimonial Survey 2017

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Global Accountancy firm, Grant Thornton LLP have produced a matrimonial survey for 2017 in which they canvassed opinions from 80 of the UK’s leading family lawyers on current issues facing family law.

The survey highlights some interesting results and amongst other things, shows that the three things family law practitioners would most like to change in the present legal system are the introduction of no fault divorce, protection for cohabiting couples and the reintroduction of cost sanctions in financial proceedings.

Interestingly, their findings suggest that couples are most likely to divorce after being married for between 11 and 20 years and that the majority of divorcing couples were between the ages of 40 and 49. 

It seems that concealment of assets in divorce cases is a growing problem, with the lawyers involved in the survey suggesting that this was an issue in 40 – 70% of their cases.

There also seems to have been something of a shift in the views of those interviewed on whether pre-nuptial agreements should have statutory force (or in other words whether they should be legally binding).  Last year, the survey showed that 51% of those interviewed felt those agreements should be taken into account but only at the discretion of the court.  This year, only 45% of respondents took that view and the majority (54%) were now in favour of pre-nuptial agreements having statutory force.

At Birkett Long LLP our specialist divorce and separation lawyers have broad experience in dealing with divorce cases amicably, despite the fault based legal system being very much alive and kicking at the present time. 

Our focus on financial cases means we are well placed to advise you should you suspect concealment of assets by your spouse.

Whether you are entering a relationship and wish to draw up a cohabitation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement or whether you are at the end of a relationship, our specialist divorce and separation lawyers are able to help you.

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