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Marathon divorce battle looks set to continue...

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On 31 October 2012, I posted a blog about a wealthy oil tycoon, Mr Michael Prest, who had just been told he no longer had to hand over assets of £17.5 million to his former wife as part of their financial settlement. This was because the previous Judge who decided the case had incorrectly ‘pierced the corporate veil’ by requiring various companies to be transferred direct to Mrs Prest; the companies, although controlled by Mr Prest did not ‘belong’ to him.

This case does not end there; it is now no longer just a battle between the two former spouses, it is a battle between the principles of Family and Commercial Law. Which should (and will) prevail? As a Matrimonial lawyer I would like to see fairness triumph. A biased family perspective perhaps? We shall see, the answer should soon be known as the case has now been listed in the Supreme Court for further consideration. It is set to be heard by five Justices on 5 and 6 March 2013…..stand by…