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Is your relationship one of the casualties of lockdown?

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Is your relationship one of the casualties of lockdown?

For most, life before lockdown involved seeing your partner for extended periods of time only when on holiday or over Christmas. 10 months since the first lockdown began, many couples have realised that spending all day, every day, under the same roof with their partner, over such a prolonged period of time, has not been a positive thing. Issues that were previously glossed over, may have become more noticeable and harder to ignore.

If you fear that your relationship may be in trouble, then communication is key; you cannot start to fix something if you don’t acknowledge anything is wrong. 

One thing we all have on our hands at the moment is lots of time – why not use this for positive and take the time to talk through any concerns or issues you have with your partner? There may be some really simple things you could try and change that make a massive difference.

If the problems run deeper than that, or if you struggle to discuss the issues in a constructive way, then why don’t you try relationship counselling? You don’t have to put this off until current restrictions lift; like most of us in lockdown, counsellors are offering virtual appointments.  

We are living in unusual times and making life-changing decisions during a period of international crisis is unlikely to be wise. If, however, you have tried everything and concluded your relationship cannot be saved, even when lockdown lifts and the current strains upon you are relieved, then the divorce and separation team at Birkett Long is here to help you. 

We offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone and, if you wish to, we can arrange a telephone or video conference to talk things through with you in more detail.

We have 4 Collaborative lawyers at Birkett Long and, if you, like us, are committed to dealing with separation amicably and are keen to preserve a good relationship with your partner notwithstanding the end of your romantic relationship, then we are well placed to help you achieve that end.

We also have good links with local mediators, who are able to offer virtual mediation sessions for yourself and your partner. These can be used to help you discuss what the future will look like and what you need to do to get there. Some clients actually prefer virtual mediation than face to face mediation sessions, as some of the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment whilst discussing such personal issues is alleviated. 

Our divorce and separation lawyers are here to help, regardless of lockdown. You don’t have to deal with these issues alone. If you need help, please get in touch. I can be contacted on 01206 217384 or

 If you are in an abusive relationship then see Phoebe Trott’s recent blog on domestic abuse in the family court.