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Celebrity divorces - rumour has it...

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It has been reported this week that Adele was only married to her husband, Simon Konecki, for 11 months before they separated.

Divorce proceedings are currently ongoing in Los Angeles and documents reveal that they married on 6 May 2018. Original reports when the couple split earlier this year suggested that they had been married since 2016. However, it turns out that the 30th birthday party Adele held in May 2018 was in fact her wedding reception. For those who aren’t aware, this was a Titanic themed party – not what usually springs to mind when you think celebrity wedding!

Did you know that in the UK, you cannot get divorced until you have been married for a year? You can obtain an annulment of the marriage if you have been married for less than a year, however there are only a very restricted set of circumstances when an annulment applies – rendering the marriage ‘void’ or ‘voidable’.

Unfortunately, if none of these circumstances apply, then you have to wait for a year to pass before issuing divorce proceedings. Of course, during this time you are able to seek legal advice, prepare the divorce paperwork and discuss the division of assets with your spouse.

In a long marriage the starting position is that of a 50/50 split of the assets of the marriage. With a shorter marriage, the court’s view is to put the parties back in the position they were in before the marriage.

It is worth noting that, especially nowadays, more and more people are cohabiting for long periods before tying the knot. Most people are not aware that a seamless period of cohabitation prior to the marriage will be added to the length of the marriage for the court’s purposes when determining financial matters.

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