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65 Court hearings, 13 sets of lawyers... could this be the longest ever divorce?

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As a divorce lawyer, I have seen my fair share of acrimonious divorces but I have yet to come across one quite as extreme as this….65 court hearings, with more still to come.

It involves Michelle Young and her ex-husband, Scot. They married in 1995, had two children together (both of whom are now grown up), and for many years enjoyed a standard of living which most of us can only dream about. Scot is believed to have had assets of more than £2 billion, but when the couple separated in 2006 (after Scot had been unfaithful) he claimed to have lost it all.

Michelle commenced divorce proceedings in 2007 and, after a lengthy six year fight, she was awarded £26.6 million (having asked the court for £300 million). She says she has never received this award and, to add to the complexity of the case, Scot sadly died in 2014, after falling from his penthouse in London. The proceedings are still ongoing, with Michelle now also fighting to keep hold of £300,000 paid to her from Scot’s life insurance policy. After 65 court hearings in the last 10 years, Michelle has reportedly incurred legal costs of £17 million and her lawyers want to be paid!

This case highlights, beyond any doubt, the importance of trying to deal with separation/divorce amicably, by agreement and in accordance with what is going to be cost effective. At Birkett Long, all our divorce specialists are members of Resolution, an organisation committed to dealing with divorce and the associated financial matters constructively and, if possible, by agreement. The right legal advice can save those who are separating both time and money! For more information please contact Lisa Collins on 01245 453846.