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Sodje brothers jailed for taking charity money

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It was recently revealed that a sporting family embezzled cash from their own charity, the Sodje Sports Foundation, which had been set up in 2009 to provide sporting facilities in Nigeria.

Ex-rugby player Bright Sodje and ex-footballers Stephen Sodje and Efe Sodje were all jailed for fraud in 2017. The case could only be reported on yesterday (21 January 2019) due to the conclusion of a separate trial involving ex-footballer, Sam Sodje. As a Southend United supporter, I was deeply saddened to see Efe Sodje involved, as he played for the club during our 2006/2007 spell in the Championship.

It appears that the Sodje family siphoned off approximately £60,000 from the Foundation. They deliberately went out of their way to ensure that proper records were not kept, but were eventually brought to justice following an investigation by the Charity Commission and the National Crime Agency.

Tracy Howarth, the Charity Commission’s head of regulatory compliance, stated that the Sodje family had “misused their privileged position to exploit donors and supporters, and their financial gain came at the expense of the children and causes the charity was supposed to support”.

If you have donated to a Charity or other organisation and the Trustees and/or owners have been found guilty of fraud, contact me to discuss the civil law implications that we may be able to help you with. I am based at our Colchester office and can be reached on 01245 453870 or,uk.