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Eviction restrictions extended

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Eviction restrictions extended

In November 2020, a pause was placed on the enforcement of evictions in England and Wales, which meant that bailiffs were prevented from repossessing properties over the Christmas period.

These restrictions were due to come to an end on Monday 11 January 2021, however the Government has announced an extension to their ban on landlords taking possession of properties until 21 February 2021 in England. 

The move has meant that eviction notices will not be served for at least six weeks in England and even longer in Wales and Scotland. This will give those in rent arrears a temporary reprieve from losing their homes. 

Landlords also remain obliged to give six-month notice periods to their tenants before evicting them until at least 31 March 2021.

The Government has announced that there are exceptions where the ban will not apply, but only in the “most egregious cases”, for example cases involving anti-social behaviour issues or extreme rent arrears equivalent to six months.

In light of the recent national lockdown, it is unsurprising that the ban on evictions has been extended and it is likely that the subject will be reviewed further down the line where the ban could be extended further again.  

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