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The impact of Coronavirus on the family justice system

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The impact of Coronavirus on the family justice system

The impact of the Coronavirus on our everyday lives is huge. Now that much of the UK is working from home or being unable to work, schools closed and our everyday routines and luxuries taken from us.

One would be forgiven for thinking that the family justice system has ground to a halt, like much of the rest of the country. In actual fact, it has been admirably flexible and continues to soldier on regardless.  

I was amazed on Saturday (4 April). I received notification from the Court that an Order I had submitted online by consent just 2 days prior had been approved by the Judge!

Hearings are proceeding, albeit remotely. The family team at Birkett Long continue to be available to assist and advise those facing family law issues, separation or divorce, just like we were before lockdown. The only differences being are:

  1. Rather than sitting at our desks in the office, we are sitting at desks at home
  2. Rather than having face to face meetings, we are communicating with clients, courts and other family lawyers by email, phone or by way of virtual meetings.

We are living in unprecedented conditions and these, for some, will mean a very unhappy home life indeed which they are presently unable to escape. If you are in need, our team of specialist family lawyers remain available to help.

I am a family solicitor and can be contacted on 01206 217384 or