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Is coronavirus going to cause a spike in divorces?

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Is coronavirus going to cause a spike in divorces?

We are hearing reports that coronavirus may be responsible for a spike in divorce rates in certain provinces in China.

This could be a side effect of couples being quarantined and the stress associated with being isolated with a loved one for a prolonged period of time. However,  it could also reflect the fact that normal life and business has all of a sudden ground to a halt whilst the quarantine was in place. As a result, some backlog was only to be expected.

Already facing difficulties in your relationship?

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, then the measures of isolating and social distancing we have in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus in the UK could well bring these relationship issues into stark focus. 

Whilst it is very important to communicate with one another about any problems you are having, do remember that it is also really important to try and have some time apart.  This is going to be increasingly difficult in the coming weeks or even months, so getting out in the garden, spending time in different rooms or even just losing yourself in a good book or hobby, is likely to help give you some much needed space from one another.

No one makes the best decisions when under stress.It would be wise not to make any rash statements in the heat of an argument that you might later regret.

If you do need advice then our team of family and divorce lawyers remain available to assist you and we offer a free, no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation. We also have facilities for virtual meetings should you wish to meet with a specialist but not venture out of the safety of your home.

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