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Our first Birkett Long 'Green' Breakfast

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7 March was not only the day that the game Monopoly was invented, it was the day that Birkett Long held its first in a series of green breakfasts.

7 March 2013 was our first ‘green’ breakfast in Chelmsford where our team leader David Rayner and guest speaker Professor Jules Pretty from the University of Essex talked to local businesses about why they should be thinking about the environment and how they can help.

Whilst I was able to attend to help with the preparation of this breakfast, I was lucky enough to listen in. It was great to see many local companies showing an interest in the environment for a personal benefit and also for their businesses. This breakfast was an eye opener for many and definitely for me, especially when Professor Jules Pretty shared facts like:

Carbon in the atmosphere in 2012 was 392 parts per million, we have seen an increase of 2 parts per year. If this is to carry on we will see a 2 degree mean increase across the world and sea levels will increase by 1.5 metres. This could mean over time 250 million people would have to move away from coastal areas and even cities like New York would be lost.

David Rayner, our environment and energy team leader introduced the breakfast and the team at Birkett Long to the attendees and explained how the environment has changed and how our work has changed the environment. To see a copy of David’s presentation or to see his article on the day please follow the links below:

David Rayner talks about the first Birkett Long green breakfast

We hope you find this of interest and if you would like to attend any or our future breakfasts please click here. Our next green breakfast will be held on 17 April.