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Grandmother being sent to prison for not saying where her daughter was

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You may have seen this deeply emotional story in the news. 

This case has moved on from mum abducting a child to the grandmother and partner being sentenced to prison for contempt of court.

This is serious. For a judge to allow the press to print names of children in an effort to find them is a huge step to take.

It is even more serious for friends and family, summonsed to court to tell the judge what they know about the whereabouts of someone, to lie to the court.

In this case the grandmother and her partner did not disclose what they knew of the mother and child’s whereabouts nor that they had played a part in moving them. They were convicted of contempt of court and sent to prison for withholding evidence. Judges are not afraid to take this step nor should they be. Our justice system is built on truth and respect.