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Carer stole from client with Dementia

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Worcester Magistrates Court has recently made an example out of Sarah Isles, a carer who stole from a 91 year old woman who suffers from dementia. 
Sarah stole over a thousand pounds from the elderly woman by stealing her bank card, paying off two council tax bills, as well as her mobile phone bill and a number of other contactless card payments. Sarah stated that: “she was motivated, purely and simply, by the matter of her own debt”. 
Concerns were soon raised when the dementia sufferer’s son looked through his mother’s bank statements and saw a series of payments leaving the account which should not have been made. 
Unfortunately, cases of financial abuse of the elderly are far too frequent. Luckily in this case, her son went to the police and her bank refunded his mother, in full, for her loss. 
Following the discovery, the victim’s son has had to look for alternative care providers for his mother. 
Sarah was sentenced to a 12 month Community Order, with 200 hours of community service, £185 in costs and £85 for a victim surcharge fee. She has been ordered to pay the bank back £1,055.05 in compensation. 
This case highlights the issue of financial abuse of the elderly, and luckily for this woman, her son managed to spot that Sarah had taken advantage of his mother. 
However, often the police do not get involved in ‘domestic’ disputes or do not believe they have enough evidence to prosecute. In these circumstances, a civil claim can be brought to try and recover the stolen money. 
If you have a concern that someone is mismanaging a loved one’s affairs and would like advice on the options available then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist Court of Protection team on 01206 217609 or email me at