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Our Commercial Real Estate Team

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Commercial Real Estate is a large team with significant experience in dealing with all aspects of commercial property. Our individual members also have their own sector expertise, including environment & energy, health and social care, education and charity. The team has long standing relationships with clients and business partners, and we provide a tailored service to each client. We deal with each matter efficiently to ensure that deadlines and objectives are achieved. Our advice is commercial and practical, offering positive solutions.

Sian Taylor

Are rent payments during Covid-19 causing a cash flow issue?

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As one of the largest expenses for businesses & commercial tenants, paying rent can be difficult to cover if you have suffered from cash flow issues due to the Covid-19 crisis. However, there are temporary options available to assist if your landlord is...

Businesses: Options for Tenants following COVID 19

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COVID 19 has brought with it many challenges and changed the way we work day-to-day. With lease rents being one of the largest business expenditures, many businesses are considering allowing employees to continue working from home following lockdown. Even...

Commercial landlords - is your property energy efficient enough?

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In recent years there has been a focus on energy efficiency in buildings in an effort to tackle climate change. Energy Performance Certificates (“EPCs”) show how energy efficient a property is by rating it on a scale of A+ to G (A+ being the...

Stamp Duty Land Tax changes

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As of 1 March 2019, the time limit for submitting a Stamp Duty Land Tax return, or SDLT return, has been changed. Previously, buyers had to submit their SDLT return and pay their tax liability to HMRC within 30 days of the “effective date” (which...

New Year, new will?

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It’s likely that your New Year's resolution was to do more exercise and join a gym… Meaning you’ll fork out for an expensive gym membership which, lets be honest, you’ll probably use about 4 times. Don’t worry,...

Child abduction or child's decision?

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You may have read about Madonna’s recent court battles regarding the residency of her son Rocco. Until recently Rocco had resided with his mother in America following on from her divorce from Rocco’s father, film director Guy...

My first month at Birkett Long

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If I told you I wasn't nervous on my first day as a trainee solicitor I would be lying. The last four years of my life had been leading up to this point and on my journey to the office that first morning I felt quite overwhelmed. But I was also...