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Employment and BLHR team

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The Employment and BLHR team listens to the needs and objectives of our clients, whether they are individuals seeking advice about their employment or a potential claim or a business needing guidance on how to resolve a situation with an employee. Our advice is commercial and pragmatic whilst taking into account the legalities. 

All members of the team are happy to discuss the background of your situation over the telephone for an initial 15 minutes, at no cost, to see if the matter is something we can assist with and if future costs are worthwhile for you.

Charlotte Holman

IR35: Government announces review into off-payroll working

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The government has announced that it is launching a review into the implementation of changes to the off-payroll working rules. In an official statement, it said, ‘the review will determine if any further steps can be taken to ensure the smooth and...

Ethical veganism is a "philosophical belief" rules Tribunal

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A Tribunal has determined that ethical veganism is a ‘philosophical belief’ and is capable of protection from discrimination. Jordi Casamitjana, an ethical vegan, claims that he was treated less favourably by his employer because of his...

Employment Tribunal compensation limits increase

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From 6 April 2019, new increased compensation limits for employment tribunals will come into force. Under the provisions of the Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2019, the increases include a revised figure of £525 (currently £508) for...

Morrisons faces equal pay backlash

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Female employees are claiming that they are not paid the same as male workers who are doing comparable jobs at supermarket giant Morrisons. The claims which are being made relate to the difference in pay between employees who work on the shop floor, who are...

Parental bereavement: leave and pay

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Parliament has passed a new law this week, dubbed ‘Will’s Bill’ in honour of the campaigning carried out by Colchester MP Will Quince. The Bill creates a statutory right to time off work for employed parents, with pay, where eligibility...

Auto-Enrolment - Minimum pension contributions increase

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Under the Pensions Act 2008, the minimum pension contributions by both employers and staff are required to increase over time. Currently the employer’s minimum contribution rate is 1% alongside the staff contribution rate which is set at 1%....

Discrimination towards pregnant women in the work place - are they a burden?

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (the EHRC) survey reveals a worrying trend in employers’ attitudes towards the rights of pregnant women and new mothers. The EHRC has published the results of a survey with the aim of trying to...

A chill wind blows into employee relations...

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With heavy snowfall across the country following the arrival of the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma, we are told to expect continued travel disruptions along with school and office closures. But what do the adverse weather conditions mean...

Employees prefer alternative working arrangements

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Recent research published by YouGov has revealed that if workers had a choice they would prefer their working day to start and finish earlier, rather than work what has become the conventional ‘9 to 5’ pattern. This is not surprising in view of...

Tesco and Sainsbury's make changes which will cause job cuts!

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This week both Tesco and Sainsbury’s announced changes to their business models which included a high number of job cuts; but what does this mean for those employees who now face the potential prospect of losing their jobs? Given that the number of...