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200 years celebrations - July

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200 years celebrations - July
L - The cast of Baskerville, Centre - Birkett Long's Jennie kicks off the employee celebrations, Top R- We are Mortgages cake - Bottom R - Residential team treats and sweets from BLHR to Gill Brabner.

We are continuing our 200-year anniversary celebrations with random acts of kindness in the local community and a look back at our history.

Random acts of kindness

Our client, We are Mortgages, have recently moved into a new office and were hand delivered a cake from Hannah Maxwell from the BLHR team. They said “Thank you to our amazing friends Birkett Long for our lovely moving in cake!! And special thanks to Hannah Maxwell for delivering it!!”

The marketing team sent Birkett Long colour branded sweets to our web agency, Conscious Solutions, who said “Thankyou Jen Skingsley and Sarah Humphryes for the lovely gifts!...the team have been loving the sweets. Oh and happy 200th birthday.”

Our residential conveyancing team all received a mini bottle of prosecco and some chocolates from Managing Partner Martin Hopkins as a token of appreciation after they had experienced a particularly busy month and really went the extra mile to meet the needs of their clients.

Jennie from our marketing team and a Trustee of the Mercury Theatre hand delivered some treats to all the staff at the Mercury Theatre. The cast of Baskerville, a Sherlock Holmes Mystery received a rainbow cake to say good luck for their first show. The first show was a particular cause for celebration after the theatre industry had been hit so hard by the pandemic. The treats were sourced from small local business Victoria Yum.

The Mercury Theatre said “A huge thank you to @birkettlong for their fabulous #randomactofkindness to mark their 200 celebrations! Everyone at the Mercury was astounded to receive cookies, cakes, brownies and a Good Luck cake for the cast of #Baskerville”.

Sue Wilcock the editor of Suffolk Director Magazine received a bunch of flowers from the marketing team. Sue said “What a lovely surprise today when a beautiful bouquet was delivered. At first I thought it was from him indoors, but it was a #randomactofkindness from @birkettlong to celebrate a milestone birthday thank you.”

From our history

Did you know that in 1952 the late Ronald Long a former Birkett Long Partner became President of the Suffolk and Essex Law Society and was knighted in July 1964?

Also, this month we look back to 2002, when Birkett Long expanded by opening a new office in Chelmsford.

Kind messages of congratulations

We have received many kind messages of congratulations but this month we would like to share this one from Gill Brabner of Resound Training and Development. Gill received some sweets from the BLHR team after interacting with their International HR Day social media post. Her words really sum up what our 200 years campaign is all about and have made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside here at the Birkett Long office.

Gill said: “Being kind is scientifically proven to be good for us. When we are kind to someone we experience the helper’s high; a rush of dopamine which ensures we feel as good as the person receiving our kind gestures.

And the receiver of kindness experiences an increase in oxytocin and serotonin putting them into a good mood. And I can vouch for that today. These gorgeous little Love Hearts just landed on my door mat! Thank you to Julie Temple and the team at Birkett Long solicitors for sending me this random act of kindness as part of their bicentenary celebrations. 

And receiving this fun gift has made me think about passing the act of kindness on – and of course that’s what’s so great about these random acts of kindness – we become part of a positive, uplifting chain of small acts that bring sunshine and happiness into our lives and the lives of others.”

We would also like to share this one from Squarestar Digital, a digital marketing agency we work with who received some bespoke Birkett Long 200 year cupcakes from small local business Sassy and Sweet bespoke cupcakes:

“It’s not every day that a client pops in with some birthday treats and certainly a first for celebrating a TWO HUNDRETH ANNIVERSARY!

Please join us in wishing Birkett Long LLP a happy 200th Birthday! What an amazing achievement! Hopefully, we’ll still be working with you over the next few hundred years. 

Now which flavour first? Lemon Curd or Victoria Sponge.”

For more information on our 200 years celebrations contact Sarah Humphryes on 01206 217612 or email: