renting out a property

Renting out your property may seem like a good source of income, but it can be a legal minefield. Birkett Long can guide you through tax issues, all areas of landlord and tenant law and can help settle disagreements between you and your tenants. Put yourself in the best position from the outset, by seeking the right legal advice from the start.

Before you even look for a tenant, we can help you decide what the terms of the tenancy will be and can build these terms into a written tenancy agreement tailored to your needs. This will give you a clear idea of the terms to offer to any tenant you are considering. Birkett Long also has expertise in resolving property disputes.

We can help with any issues you may have, for example:

  • What types of tenancy agreement are available and can I tailor these to my needs?
  • How do I end an agreement?
  • Do you have tenants that are not paying their rent?
  • Is someone squatting in your property?

Our fees are simple and clear - a full quote will be provided, with no hidden costs arising later.

Birkett Long’s team deals with over 2,000 property transactions each year.

Our specialist team combines local area knowledge and City experience, which gives our clients the benefit of professionals dedicated to providing prompt and tailored advice.

Keith Songhurst ia a member of the Property Litigation Association. We will always look to assist clients in resolving disputes by negotiation, mediation or alternative dispute resolution where appropriate.

What our clients say

  • First time using Birkett Long and I was very impressed. They have broken the old fashioned solicitors’ image by making themselves available and responding quickly to email, very efficient overall.

Staff re-order for renting a property

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