We were instructed by the widow of a gentleman, who had worked as a boiler maintenance man in London in the 1970s. The client’s husband had developed mesothelioma, following investigations for a respiratory/chest problem. 

After the 1970s, the client’s husband had not worked in boiler maintenance again and had done various other jobs. In those days boilers were often lagged with asbestos, and the client’s husband would probably have come into contact with asbestos in the course of his job and also when his employers removed the central heating system to install a new one. Asbestos would have escaped into the atmosphere. 

Since the client’s husband worked for the employer in the 1970s, the employer had changed names, but fortunately, searches at Companies House revealed that the new business had the same company number. We were able to trace the client’s husband’s employers and their insurers.  Liability was disputed, and so we had to institute legal proceedings in the High Court. 

Prior to trial, the claimant was offered damages of £100,000.00, which she accepted. We were able to suggest to our client, the services of our independent financial advisors, to help her re management and investment of her damages claim.