A summer of fundraising fun with Hospice's £50 Challenge

St Helena Hospice is hoping that lots of local businesses will pull together this summer to take part in the Birkett Long £50 Challenge, in aid of the Hospice.

In this Apprentice style challenge, which is sponsored by Birkett Long, the Hospice will be giving participating businesses and groups a crisp £50 note at the launch in June (donated by Birkett Long). The aim is to use the £50 to kick-start fundraising activities of their own choice and get as much return for their money as possible. All money raised will go straight to St Helena Hospice.

Participating businesses will need to find interesting and innovative ways of turning their £50 into as much profit as possible for the Hospice. Fundraising ideas could include holding a raffle, hosting a dinner party or barbeque, sporting challenges, a talent contest, cake sale or even a sponsored challenge.
After three months of summer fundraising fun, Birkett Long and St Helena Hospice will be holding a special awards ceremony in September, and presenting awards to the businesses involved for a number of categories such as ‘Most Money Raised’, ‘Most Innovative Idea’ and ‘Outstanding teamwork’.

David Cant, Partner and Director of Business Development and Marketing at Birkett Long, commented: “We are delighted to support this innovative and engaging challenge to raise much needed funds for St Helena Hospice. It will be fascinating to see how the 50 businesses approach this challenge; a challenge that wouldn’t be out of place on The Apprentice with Lord Sugar cracking the whip! We look forward to an inventive and competitive, not to mention fun-filled, three months!”

Jill Purcell, Corporate and Major Donor Manager at St Helena Hospice, said: “The Birkett Long £50 Challenge is such a positive thing for businesses to be involved in, as it hopefully lifts the gloom and doom of the recession and encourages fun, entrepreneurship and teamwork with staff and customers. It’s a great opportunity, perfectly timed with the summer, to all pull together and be involved with something positive in our local community.”
The challenge launches to the pre-registered businesses at 5.30pm on Tuesday 12th June at the Joan Tomkins Day Centre at St Helena Hospice, and it will run until 7th September 2012.

If you would like to register your business to take part, please contact Jill Purcell, on 01206 791740, or email: jpurcell@sthelenahospice.org.uk by Friday 1 June.

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