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Should non UK taxpayers be able to use the UK courts to divorce?

A senior High Court Judge has questioned why a Malaysian couple, neither of whom are UK tax payers should be allowed to use the UK divorce Courts to argue over their £500 million case.  Describing the legal costs that the couple have run up with their celebrity London lawyers as “an eye watering” £1.6million, the […]

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Conscious uncoupling

Our blogs generally steer clear of celebrity divorces for a number of reasons, reports are often nothing more than gossip and the lifestyles with associated pressures tend to make them bad examples of how you might expect your divorce to progress, even if you are an extremely wealthy couple. I’m going to make an exception […]

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Pre Marital Agreements revisited

In a high profile case in the High Court, the Judge has criticised a wife who signed a Pre Marital Agreement and then attempted to go back on the terms of it when the marriage broke down some fifteen months later. The Judge was satisfied that both husband and wife had had independent legal advice […]

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Sexuality and sport

When will this stop being an issue? Why can’t the UK lead the way? When will the rest of the World catch up? In a way, I feel that by writing this I’m contributing to the problem as, ultimately, we all want to get to a place where there isn’t even an issue to discuss. […]

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How could Facebook affect your family?

Facebook has just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary and is obviously hugely successful and a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family. But does it pose a risk to private family life? The press have published copies of facebook communications (read “arguments and insults”) between celebrity parents. In the heat of the moment […]

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Could a pre-nup help you?

Family law is seasonal work with the New Year bringing with it a flurry of new clients seeking help through the legalities accompanying a relationship breakdown. One unusual feature this year has been the number of clients I have seen who are looking to divorce after only a few (sometimes a very few) months of […]

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Teething problems with same-sex marriage start to emerge

It has been a while since my last blog (read here) but in it I raised the question, what would happen to civil partnerships now same-sex marriage was to become legal? There is still no clear answer but I suspect the issue is one currently at the forefront of the minds of those in the […]

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Enforcement of child contact orders – new research

When couples separate, the majority are able to agree who their children will live with and how often they will spend time with each of their parents. A minority can’t, and although this is one area where mediation is often very successful, every year some parents need a judge to help them decide. But in […]

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What to expect from your family lawyer

My colleague recently wrote about D-Day (read here). Emma looked at a few ways to make the first meeting with a family lawyer easier, which made me think, having researched the solicitor you want to use and had your first meeting with them, how do you know they are doing the right thing for you? […]

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Divorce D Day

The media has reported that today is the D day for people considering divorce. I agree that January often sees more enquiries from those considering separation or divorce. Whatever the reason for contacting us, I appreciate that visiting a divorce lawyer can be a daunting prospect. Here are my tips for easing the process: Check […]

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