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Legal aid changes

Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers committed to dealing with matters in a constructive, non confrontational and cost effective way. The Chair of that organisation has said that the legal aid cuts in April 2013 whereby the amount of people eligible for legal aid services from a solicitor in relation to family matters significantly […]

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New charge for users of the Child Maintenance Service

As from 11 August 2014 the Government are beginning to charge users of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), previously the Child Support Agency/CSA, a fee for using their services.  The idea is to try to encourage parents not to use the CMS, but instead to agree child maintenance directly. The CMS charge a fee of […]

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A lesson learned: the importance of complying with a Court Order and the consequences if you fail to…

British businessman, Paul Grundy, who resides in Dubai has recently discovered just how far a court is prepared to go to punish non-compliance of a Court Order made within divorce proceedings. Mr Grundy married his wife, Jennifer Francis, in 2002. They enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle before their marriage sadly broke down in 2009. As part […]

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The New Child Maintenance System – 30 June 2014

As of today a new system of Child Maintenance comes into force which will phase out the CSA (Child Support Agency) over the next 3 years. A new scheme is welcome in light of the failings of the CSA, which was reported to have £2.3 billion in outstanding maintenance payments owed to parents between 1993 […]

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Is it the taking part that counts?

Within family law, when it comes to deciding issues in respect of children the matter always boils down to one question, “what is in that child’s best interests?”. It’s a complex question and the court have a fairly wide discretion when answering it. When it comes to children and competitive sport, the question should remain […]

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New Single Family Court

Today welcomes the new Single Family Court.  Gone is the Family Proceedings Court and the fragmented family court system we have been using to date.  The aim of centralising and unifying administration is to be welcomed and will hopefully result in family cases being dealt with in a more speedy and consistent manner.

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Should non UK taxpayers be able to use the UK courts to divorce?

A senior High Court Judge has questioned why a Malaysian couple, neither of whom are UK tax payers should be allowed to use the UK divorce Courts to argue over their £500 million case.  Describing the legal costs that the couple have run up with their celebrity London lawyers as “an eye watering” £1.6million, the […]

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Conscious uncoupling

Our blogs generally steer clear of celebrity divorces for a number of reasons, reports are often nothing more than gossip and the lifestyles with associated pressures tend to make them bad examples of how you might expect your divorce to progress, even if you are an extremely wealthy couple. I’m going to make an exception […]

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Pre Marital Agreements revisited

In a high profile case in the High Court, the Judge has criticised a wife who signed a Pre Marital Agreement and then attempted to go back on the terms of it when the marriage broke down some fifteen months later. The Judge was satisfied that both husband and wife had had independent legal advice […]

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Sexuality and sport

When will this stop being an issue? Why can’t the UK lead the way? When will the rest of the World catch up? In a way, I feel that by writing this I’m contributing to the problem as, ultimately, we all want to get to a place where there isn’t even an issue to discuss. […]

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