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Warning to spouses who fruitlessy litigate

A recent Court of Appeal judgement has sent a warning to spouses who fruitlessly litigate cases which ought to be capable of settlement and then appeal against perfectly sensible orders. In this case, both husband and wife were high earning professionals in their mid thirties with about £510,000 worth of capital to divide, and a […]

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Child Maintenance Service – application fee and charges

The Child Support Agency (“CSA”) is gradually being replaced by the new Child Maintenance Service (“CMS”) following more than two decades of pretty poor performance by the CSA. At the same time, the CMS has introduced application fees and charges. Now for the first time, research carried out by national charity, Gingerbread, which supports single […]

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Dating and divorce

In a recent High Court decision, Mr Justice Mostyn, a leading family judge, made comments that may lead either party to a divorce to reconsider dating a new partner, before their financial matters are settled. Mr Justice Mostyn commented that either party dating during financial settlement is a “fly in the ointment” for family court […]

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The cost of a child in 2014

According to their website, the Child Poverty Action Group is “the leading national charity working to end poverty among children, young people and families in the UK”. The Child Poverty Action Group, together with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, on 12 August 2014 published a report entitled “The Cost of a Child in 2014”. That report […]

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Grandparents day – should grandparents have an automatic ability to apply for contact orders?

This Sunday is national Grandparents day, and as many families plan a happy day of celebration with three (or sometimes more) generations coming together, it is worth taking some time to consider the legal position of those grandparents who don’t see their grandchildren. Unlike parents, and despite a number of previous recommendations, grandparents still do […]

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Equal division of assets

In the recent reported High Court case of SK v TK, Mr Justice Moor re emphasised that, after a long marriage, the starting point was to equally divide a family’s assets and that it is only in exceptional circumstances that a departure from equality will be justified. In this case the husband had not valued […]

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Children and Family Court Advisory & Support Service – CAFCASS

In relation to any application to the court in relation to children matters, the court have to determine what is in the best interests of the children.  To do so, the court considers what is known as the “welfare checklist”.  The court looks at all the circumstances of the case including :- The wishes and […]

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Legal aid changes

Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers committed to dealing with matters in a constructive, non confrontational and cost effective way. The Chair of that organisation has said that the legal aid cuts in April 2013 whereby the amount of people eligible for legal aid services from a solicitor in relation to family matters significantly […]

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New charge for users of the Child Maintenance Service

As from 11 August 2014 the Government are beginning to charge users of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), previously the Child Support Agency/CSA, a fee for using their services.  The idea is to try to encourage parents not to use the CMS, but instead to agree child maintenance directly. The CMS charge a fee of […]

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A lesson learned: the importance of complying with a Court Order and the consequences if you fail to…

British businessman, Paul Grundy, who resides in Dubai has recently discovered just how far a court is prepared to go to punish non-compliance of a Court Order made within divorce proceedings. Mr Grundy married his wife, Jennifer Francis, in 2002. They enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle before their marriage sadly broke down in 2009. As part […]

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