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Schools – the weak link in the chain

This blog is in response to a BBC news article. Read here… The news that the E-Act chain was to lose control of ten of its academy schools following Ofsted inspections didn’t surprise me. It wasn’t because I had some kind of expectation that the chain would fall short of its aims in any way or […]

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A bright future for the University of Essex

  The future looks bright for our friends at the University of Essex as their expansion programme proceeds at a pace. On 22 October Adrian Livesley (our Managing Partner) and I were privileged to attend the ‘Topping out Ceremony’ for the new university building which will house the Essex Business School from Autumn 2014. Unquestionably, […]

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Judicial Review at the School refusing Academy Status

It’s all change at Downhills Primary School in North London. First it was the headteacher, Leslie Church, who resigned last month but now the governing body has been sacked – a very bold move by the Department for Education! Downhills was found “failing” in its last inspection by Ofsted although there are records apparently indicating […]

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The fight for school places – results today

Around 600,000 children in England will today find out which secondary school they have got into. Think of all the nervous kids (and parents!) there must be today. Will they get into the school they want? Will they still be with all their friends? I haven’t as yet seen the actual figures, but over the […]

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Working overtime for no pay? You’ve spent the first part of this year working every day for free!

Today, 24 February 2012, is the TUC’s “Work Your Proper Hours Day”. So if you often work unpaid overtime, and you worked all your unpaid overtime at the beginning of the year instead of spreading it out across the whole year, apparently you have been working from 1 January until today for free. Bit of […]

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Education Bill Given Royal Assent

I wonder how much impact the much talked about Education Act 2011 will actually have now that it is, bit by bit, coming into force? The new Act follows on from the Academies Act which began to try to give schools their autonomy. This new one is meant to allow teachers to give same day […]

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Studios Now on the School Menu

I’ve just seen that the Department for Education has published information on setting up “studio schools”, so adding to the variety of schools which we can now have: independent schools, state comprehensives, academies, free schools… etc etc Confusing? Perhaps, but I don’t think studio schools will be such a bad idea. Studio schools are a type […]

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Say “Humbug” to no school play photos!

If, like many of us here at Birkett Long, you’re going to your children’s school play at Christmas, don’t forget the Information Commissioner’s advice! Christopher Graham, the Commissioner, confirmed that it really is a myth that the taking of photographs at school events such as concerts, plays and nativities, is forbidden by the Data Protection […]

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Birkett Long helps Hilltop Junior School become an academy

We all like a good news story, and I am very pleased to confirm that Hilltop Junior School in Wickford today converted to an academy! Alison Waite, Headteacher at the school, contacted us in June to ask us if we could assist with the academy conversion process. She confessed that there was just one catch […]

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Teachers’ Strike Over Pensions

It seems that both state and independent schools will be affected by the strike action by teachers following a vote by the Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL). The first strike is to start on 30 June 2011 with more strikes possibly coming in the […]

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